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About the Boutique

Express weaving services are dominating the southern region of the United States.  From Atlanta, Georgia to Washington D.C women are being afforded the opportunity to achieve a great look without paying great prices.  Wicked Weaves Inc. has brought the express weaving concept to New York City.Women in New York City can continue to maintain their trendy and luxurious looks,without paying New York City's luxurious prices.   The first premiere express weaving boutique in New York City,Wicked Weaves, offers sew-ins for as low as $50.  As an express weave salon, Wicked Weaves focuses on providing quality services but also aim to get you in and out in a timely manner. Select Wicked Weaves for expertise in helping you acquire the look you want to achieve at an affordable cost. Our owner has the experience to know exactly what it takes to satisfy her customers. Expect high quality services from the hair professionals!

For speedier service, clients are encouraged to arrive to the salon with their hair already washed and blown out.  Clients may choose to have these services provided to them at the boutique for an extra fee. Clients should also arrive to the salon with 2 bags or 8 ounces of hair should they choose not to purchase hair from our boutique. Our boutique uses the double tracking method but single tracking is offered.

About the Owner

Amber Le’Shea Harrison is a Spelman College graduate with a Master’s Degree from the City College of New York.  Her passion for the hair industry stems from her exposure to the business through her mother and grandmother.  A native of Texas, Amber comes from a long line of hair care entrepreneurs.  Amber’s mother holds a Natural Hair Stylists and Aesthetician License in Texas.  She currently owns a spa in Dallas where she provides services that enhance the appearances of skin.

Amber's grandmother, a very successful entrepreneur, has managed and owned a hair salon, also located in Dallas.  As a cosmetologist her grandmother was very popular amongst her community as she provided customers with the latest trend all the while ensuring the healthy state of her clientele's hair.  Her grandmother an owner of multiple businesses including a beauty supply store, is now in the stages of retirement, and aides as a consultant to Wicked Weaves Inc.

Amber is no stranger to Harlem as she has served the community for several of years, teaching mathematics and basic education to middle school students and adults.  She is excited to be blessed with the opportunity to serve the community of Harlem as she finds it empowering.

Owner of Wicked Weaves"Harlem is the Mecca of distinctive people, businesses, and trends. I am honored to serve Harlem as a business owner and am committed to providing outstanding and cost efficient services to its residents.”

~Amber Le’Shea Harrison


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Wicked Weaves is a hair weave salon in Harlem, NY, which provides superior sew in hair extensions for reasonable costs, starting at $50.00. Look like you paid a fortune! (212) 368-1434